TESSARI ENERGIA was founded in 1950.
In 1950 the two brothers Erminio and Orfeo Tessari established a workshop in a small room in order to repair engines belonging to the heavy engines sector. This soon developed into one of the most important workshops in Italy specialised in fuel injection equipment and the mechanical sector.
In 1955, after having moved to bigger premises, Tessari expanded its activity into the marine sector, founding branches in Chioggia and Caorle. Furthermore, it expanded into the industrial sector and became an agent for many international companies.
The availability of industrial engines and the growing request for energy convinced Tessari to develop within the energy sector and to build the first Generating Sets.
During this time period Tessari worked on compressor methane gas pump sets in SNAM sites and developed the first engine transformations from diesel cycle to gas engines. This soon developed into Tessari’s hallmark technology.
In 1970 the company moved to the present plant and this larger site enabled Tessari to further expand its agent dealings and to concentrate on projects such as the creation of water lifting plants.
Tessari invests considerably in research and design, creating engines which run on biogas and alternative gases such as biomass.
Tessari was the first company in the world to transform diesel engines designed for urban and extra-urban buses into methane gas engines.
The company currently employs a 120 strong workforce.
Increased political awareness towards energy saving netted Tessari the first regional and national incentives, with which it produced its cogenerators for thermic and electric energy production. These are fuelled by methane gas, bio-gas and diesel engines.
In collaboration with its Research Center and the University of Padua, Tessari also created the first genset prototypes fuelled by biodiesel and vegetable oil.
In the 1990’s Tessari concentrated its efforts on producing gensets and cogenerators and all services linked to the bio-diesel and vegetable oil sector.